Health Measures

Everyone will have been aware of the pandemic and that this has changed all of our attitudes and approaches to public health. The World Riichi Championship recognizes that an indoor table game such as riichi mahjong may pose a higher level of risk of infection than others. However, we are confident that will the awareness and support of all attendees, we can reduce that minimal risk further. Accordingly, we have decided to implement some basic measures.

Please be aware that there may be stricter government measures or measures required by the hotel at the time of the event. These will need to be followed by all attendees. Current covid measures of the Austrian government are here and it is the responsibility of all players to read and understand these before the event. These government measures may include vaccination requirements.

Hand Sanitizer

This will be available for use before each game and players are required to use it unless they have a health reason to not to.


FFP2 masks are legally required on public transport, in hospitals, doctors' offices and pharmacies in Vienna. However, in addition to the current government rules, all players will be required to wear a face mask in the WRC2022 tournament. Players may wear an FFP2 mask, a cloth, surgical or similar face mask. Face masks should not have a “valve” or similar. This mask will need to be worn in all event areas over the mouth and nose. If a player is medically exempt, they should contact the organizers in advance.


Currently we are not changing the format of the tournament to reduce the number of players a player is exposed to but this may change according to the situation at the time of the event.

At the Event

If you feel unwell, please contact an organizer immediately so we can take the appropriate steps.

Please check communications channels with organizers regularly (email, social media etc.) where we will update players of any changes of important messages. We appreciate all players cooperating with the organizers to make the WRC a safe and comfortable place for all.